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Ivy:  Ava: Riley:

"Are You Listening? is a beautiful piece of magical realism, with enough mystery and heart to make it refreshingly profound as well as easily re-readable. I’d not only recommend it to fans of Walden’s previous work, but also to anyone looking for one of the most original graphic novels I’ve read in a long time."

"What I especially love about this book, enough to make me forgive the unlikeable main character, was how much it made me think. Was Winter really racist, or was she just saying what society had led her to believe? And did she really deserve all the backlash that she got? And if she did deserve what she got, doesn’t that mean that so many other people deserve it too, since what she said was certainly not uncommon? Was Winter being discriminated against because of herrace? What would I do in Winter’s situation? Does simply subconsciously having a stereotype make you discriminatory? How are these stereotypes built, and how can they be managed? What really makes a bad person? Can anyone, if we try, turn themselves toward the sun?"


"I have never lived in Nowhere, California. I’ve never been in a mobile home, desperate for my mom to snap out of it. I’ve never been in the Marines or lost a leg. But this book made me feel like I have, like I have been dizzy with the weight of sacrifice, and when literature can do that, you know it’s a keeper. This book, these characters, haven’t left me yet. I’m not sure they will."

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