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Learn about the history of the Modern First Library Initiative

We all know and love the classics. Books like Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Harold and the Purple Crayon are favorites for a reason.



But there's a whole canon of new books out there that also deserve a place on kids' shelves. 

These stories broaden kids' horizons, provide fresh perspectives, and open windows to new experiences: all the things that great children's books should do. In this spirit, we're pleased to announce the BookPeople Modern First Library initiative. Pairing beloved picture books that will never go out of style along with other favorites that reflect the diverse, global society of the 21st century, we've set out to make building a thoughtful library for any child in your life easy.




We once again invited some of Austin's local children's book creators, as well as some national voices, to contribute their own thoughts on what it means to build a Modern First Library and why it matters. Posts will be linked here as they go live on our blog. 


Modern First Library Reflections 2016

Bloggers in this series:


"When books contain experiences and characters to which children can relate, they foster children’s positive self-concept and respect for diversity. Book collections for children should serve as “mirrors” that reflect the children and families they may already be familiar with, as well as “windows” that help children explore the true diversity of our world. Books can  teach children to understand and challenge bias, to better understand those who might be different from themselves, and  to promote social action to combat injustice."

Jillian Bontke M.Ed., LPC

Anti-Defamation League Austin, Education Director


Modern First Library Reflections 2014

Blog posts in this series - Local Voices

Blog posts in this series - National Contributors


To help us launch this new program, a few great children's book authors here in Austin also compiled personal lists of Modern First Library recommendations. Click on an author and take a look at his or her picks! 

Top row (left to right): Varian Johnson, Liz Garton Scanlon, Chris Barton. Bottom row (left to right): Don Tate, Cynthia Leitich-Smith.


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